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About Lucid Prints

Looking to stand out from your competition and establish a unique brand identity for your business? Lucid Prints, your South Florida design service specialists, can help you with any and all of your design needs. Whether you’re looking to create brand new content or give your current material a new look and feel, Lucid Prints can help your business establish a brand identity that sets you apart from even your fiercest competition. We are motivated to create a product for you that exceeds all of your expectations.

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Finding Lucid Prints was, and continues to be, a major advantage for my business. From logo design for both print and digital media, to business card and flyer design, as well as web design services, you get the whole package. The truly impressive part about Lucid Prints’ work is the journey from inception to the finished product. I have very little creative design ability, yet I feel like I am a continuous part of the evolution process of my media. We work together to make sure that the team’s expertise molds my goals and expectations into a reality that makes sense and equals success. The success of my business lies in finding someone like our contact, Ben, who can maintain a professional relationship over time to ensure that my media continues to move forward just ahead of the pace of my business growth.

Nicholas Giuliano | Gunshine Arms

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I have been working with Lucid Prints for over five years and could not be happier. I’ve always been impressed with the team’s ability to read my mind and produce creatives that exhibit my vision through clean, modern designs that aid in developing brands. Lucid Prints’ professionalism and work ethic make their team the frontrunner in a list of agencies I would recommend to anyone looking to hire a graphic designer and web developer. It’s great working with designers who are so capable and responsive. Lucid Prints’ creativity and collaborative nature make the process of designing and developing truly enjoyable to watch and participate in. Our contact, Ben’s, unique perspective on design and his talent in creating both print and digital media makes him the ideal multimedia designer.

Andrea Baker | RATC


Lucid Prints has been and will continue to be the sole source for all of our advertising needs. Representing Stryker Enterprises’ mission and services to our customers was challenging for us, so we sought help from Lucid Prints to explore possible solutions. We couldn’t be more pleased with the services we received. From building our custom website and eStore from the ground up, to logo design and print media, Lucid Prints has earned the district title of being the exclusive source for all of Stryker Enterprises’ advertising needs. On a personal note, our contact at Lucid, Ben, is exactly what a client would want in a designer. He listens attentively, understands our goals, and moves with both professionalism and courtesy during all phases of design work. I need not look further for my business’ media needs now that I collaborate with Lucid Prints.

James ElmaziStryker Enterprises

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