About Us

Lucid Prints is dedicated to helping you with any and all of your marketing and design needs. Whether you want to build a fresh website, give your current material a facelift, or launch a new marketing campaign, we are prepared to deliver results that meet your business’ needs and exceed your expectations. Lucid Prints can help you to build, promote, and manage your brand through graphic design, web design, and both traditional and digital marketing to ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves. Our team is driven to provide you with quality work and no stress for you, our client.

We are motivated to provide exceptional client care, creative designs, and rewarding results.

Our primary goal at Lucid Prints is to help our clients cultivate brands that will communicate, engage, and grow. In its purest form, a brand is how a customer experiences your business — from their first interaction, such as through an advertisement, all the way through to repeat business. Your brand is also a visual representation that defines what your company stands for and how you differ from the competition. An effective brand creates a lasting impression in the minds of customers. At Lucid Prints, we take the time to get to know you and your business, which allows us to create innovative and effective designs and marketing strategies that best represent your company’s unique values, goals, and philosophies. Every project we work on is tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our team believes in a collaborative creative process, meaning that we welcome and encourage your input at every stage of the design process. Whether you have a concept in mind for how to represent your brand or you are interested in fresh, creative ideas, Lucid Prints is dedicated to making this journey stress-free and rewarding for you.

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”Jeffrey Zeldman
Every recommendation we make and product we design is based on our research and experience in each of our clients’ industries. We then combine this with your business’ needs to achieve your goals. Through strategic planning, our creative skills, and our dedication to our clients, Lucid Prints has helped many businesses and organizations to grow, market, and promote their brands more effectively through creative design. We believe in the powerful role that marketing and design play in the success of a business, and we pride ourselves on creating vibrant, eye-catching designs that represent your brand’s distinct qualities, voice, and mission.

At Lucid Prints, we take pride in our work and in our commitment to organizations that make the world a better place. From working on pro bono projects for an organization that helps children, teens, and young adults improve their lives to serving on the board of a non-profit organization committed to curing and preventing breast cancer, we dedicate our time and energy in both our personal and professional lives into delivering rewarding results that make a difference. At Lucid Prints, we love what we do, and our passion for design and marketing results in effective designs and strategies that contribute to your brand’s continued success.