Animation is a subset of graphic design that utilizes the principles of graphic design in a filmmaking or video production context by adding the element of motion. While animation has been around for ages, it has become increasingly popular due to technological developments. Animation is everywhere these days — you see it in movie credits, TV shows, and all types of advertisements. Incorporating motion into graphic design can emphasize the design’s message through visual interest and energy. Animation not only conveys a message, but it can actually be the message itself, opening many doors for creativity and communication. There are many benefits of motion graphics but the primary one is that it can enhance your message by simplifying it or making less interesting content more exciting. Animation provides a unique opportunity to convey complex information in a cohesive and engaging way. Due to its memorable nature, an eye-catching animated logo or promo ad helps your brand get noticed, increase engagement, and attract more customers.

Animated Logo Design

Logos are one of the most essential aspects of a brand’s marketing strategy. Due to technological advances, animated logos have become a popular method of marketing and branding. Although there are free online programs that advertise animated logo design, these are often ineffective and of poor quality. It is important to find a designer who has not only trained in graphic design, but also has learned to integrate the elements of time, space, and sound into their skill set. Our creative design team is knowledgeable and experienced in animation and will create an animated logo that represents your unique brand.

Animated Titles, Credits, and Lower Thirds

Lucid Prints also specializes in developing animated credits, titles, and lower thirds for your brand’s motion media. These are not just informative texts and images; rather, they also convey your brand’s identity, style, and messaging. A title sequence is the method by which motion media productions present their title, production and cast members, or both using visuals and sound. Title sequences differ from credits, which are typically a series of superimposed text acknowledging those who contributed to the production. A lower third is a graphic placed in the lower third section of a video (e.g. a news ticker or an ad for what is playing next). Lower thirds are saturated with specialized graphic images such as sports scores, the current time and date, and other elements to maintain the viewer’s interest or inform them of important information. Although the primary objective of titles, credits, and lower thirds is to provide information, they also help to brand content. Lucid Prints creates high-quality animations that will contribute to your brand’s success.

Animated Banners and Ads

Because users are more drawn to animated banners and ads as opposed to static ones, animated advertisements have become increasingly popular. For example, people scrolling through social media often see targeted animated ads on their feed. In fact, social media platforms are saturated with them. If the animation is well-designed and captivating, users are likely to stop their scrolling and learn more about the company and what they have to offer. Animated banners and ads inform prospective customers about your company’s products, services, and mission with attention-grabbing graphics that increase your website’s traffic and establish your brand’s identity. Although fading, sliding, and blinking motions will grab a person’s attention, too much of it may frustrate or annoy them, causing them to leave your site. Thus, it is important that your animated digital media is finely-crafted and unique. A professionally designed animated banner or ad not only catches a user’s attention, but also keeps them on your website longer, lowering your bounce rate and improving your website’s ranking. Let our digital media experts develop effective animated banners and ads for your website that help your business stand out and attract more customers.

Our Animation Services

Our design team at Lucid Prints is trained in graphic design and experienced in integrating the elements of time, sound, and space. Because high-quality animation increases conversion rates and attracts more paying customers, successful brands such as Google and Dropbox rely on it to convey the importance and effectiveness of their products and services. Whether you are looking for animated logo design, animated banners or ads, a mobile app, high-definition videos, or any post-production work, Lucid Prints can help you with all of your animation needs. Let us shape your message to entertain your customers and grow your business.