Logo Design

When it comes to utilizing graphic design for marketing your business or company, an effective, fresh logo design is one of the most crucial aspects for representing your brand. The brand of a company is essentially the experience of what your company stands for and represents. Your logo is the primary visual representation of your brand and voice. Given this, it is essential that your logo has a creative, quality design to it. Creating a smart, effective logo design is an integral component to marketing your brand, product, company, or service. At Lucid Prints, we believe in collaborating with you to create the perfect visual representation of your brand. Whether you have a logo design in mind, or are unsure of how you would like to brand your business, our experienced designers at Lucid Prints will help you create the perfect logo for your specific, individualized needs.

How is an effective logo created?

We are motivated to turn your ideas into tangible results that represent your vision. We recognize that every brand represents different goals, services, and philosophies; and we believe that your logo should convey the unique message of your brand. Client satisfaction and input are important aspects of the process here at Lucid Prints.

The logo design process is an extensive one with many different steps, but don’t worry, we will accompany you every step of the way:

  • Exploration

    Our first goal is to learn as much as we can about you so that we can accurately portray your brand’s message. What is the mission and philosophy of your brand? What are you hoping to convey through your logo design?

  • Market Research

    Who is your target audience? Who is your competition? Market research helps us figure out how we can make your logo stand out amongst your competition and appeal to your target audience.

  • Application

    Determining exactly where and how your logo will be used is essential before our preliminary sketches. Are you looking for a logo design for a business card, or something on a grander scale?

  • Preliminary Sketches

    Quality and concept easier to recognize when there are multiple options to choose from. Thus, our designers will sketch out a variety of styles and options for your brand’s logo and allow you to choose which ones you love best.

  • Drafting

    At this stage, you choose your top sketches. Once you have chosen a few and narrowed down the selection, our designers will begin creating some initial designs for you.

  • Refining

    Once we have decided on a concept, we will continue to communicate with you and fine-tune your design according to your wants and needs. Our designers are committed to creating a logo you believe is perfect for your brand.

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  • Final Product

    Once you decide upon a final design, your logo will be ready for print — business cards, flyers, clothing, banners, calendars, etc. The sky’s the limit here at Lucid Prints!