Visual Branding & Corporate Identity

Branding and corporate identity are two essential components to establishing your business as a forefront in your industry. Brand identities are opinions that form in the minds of your clients. Every interaction that a client has with your business communicates a specific message and develops a standpoint regarding your brand name. A brand is essentially the experience a client has of your business. Your corporate identity can be shaped by various factors, including brochure design, appreciation towards the ease of your website interface, and the appearance of your business cards. Although you are unable to define these perceptions because they are based on your clients’ personal experiences with your brand, you can absolutely influence them. An effective, quality corporate identity design package is an essential step towards establishing a strong brand identity.

Branding includes the manner in which you interact with your customers, the way you market your products and services, and how you express your values and philosophies. It also represents the conversations that your clients have with each other about your business. On the other hand, your corporate identity describes the visual components you use to represent your company. It is essential that your corporate identity is cohesive, representing your brand consistently across multiple platforms. Although two different aspects, branding and corporate identity work together to help your brand stand out from even your fiercest competition.

What are some of the important aspects of a corporate identity?

  • Consistency in design

    By having all of your print and digital media designed by the same company, you can ensure a consistency in design. Making sure that your brochures, folders, mailers, fliers, envelopes, letterhead, and business cards have a consistent design is important for establishing your brand as a time-honored and stable business.

  • Differentiation

    Standing out amongst your competition is one of the most integral aspects of establishing your brand identity. A finely crafted design package will influence your branding and corporate identity and establish you as a frontrunner in your industry.

  • Greater recall value

    By maintaining a strong and consistent identity, you able to connect with your current and prospective clients by psychologically adding to the recall value of your brand. As your clients interact with your business, they should subconsciously be connecting their experience with your brand identity.

  • Clearly defined objectives

    Having a strong corporate identity also generates the feeling that your business’ goals and objectives are clearly defined and identifiable. A solid corporate identity will demonstrate your business’ values and philosophies as well, helping your existing and potential clients to know what you stand for.

Lucid Prints will collaborate with you to create a specialized, effective, creative corporate identity design package to help your business establish a strong brand name with a distinct identity. We are prepared to help you create your branding and corporate identity through design that is in accordance with your business’ objectives, values, and philosophies. Branding and corporate identity are two essential aspects to establishing and growing your business.