Media Buying

Establishing a brand identity through both traditional and digital marketing is one of the most important actions a business can take to promote their products or services. There are many types of marketing strategies, and one of the most important is media buying. Media buying involves purchasing “real estate” on a website, billboard, television ad, or any other type of digital or traditional media outlet. Simply put, media buying involves negotiating the price and placement for advertisements. Yet, media buying is a complex process that involves strategic planning, market research, and negotiation. Whether you are trying to promote a specific product or service or simply reach a new audience, media buying is an effective advertising tool.

Traditional and Digital Media Buying

Media buying allows a brand to purchase advertising space in order to convey a targeted marketing message. There are many outlets to choose from including both traditional and digital media. Traditional media can involve TV, billboards, magazine, and radio among other options, while digital media includes anything that would be viewed on a computer or mobile device. While the accessibility of the internet and technological advancements provide many outlets for promoting your brand through digital media, traditional media buying should not be overlooked as it can be crucial to hitting your target demographic depending on your industry. Both types of media buying offer an excellent opportunity to drive new business, increase sales, and/or convey a specific brand message.

How We Can Help

Media buying involves a significant amount of time and effort to research available marketing spaces, platforms, and targeted audiences. We understand that you are busy running your business, so let our experts handle your media buying needs. Based on your brand’s objectives and mission, our media buyers will determine which media outlets are most appropriate for your business goals. Whether you are interested in print magazine ads, billboards, or a website banner, Lucid Prints’ media specialists will perform the necessary market research and negotiate the best prices for your advertisements. Our services don’t stop there — an essential component of media buying is tracking and analyzing the results. It’s essential to track your results and evaluate how well your marketing campaign is performing so you know what components are providing the best ROI and where to reinvest. From the market research to the ad’s design to analyzing the results, Lucid Prints manages your entire media strategy to ensure that it is unique and effective.