Incorporating videography into your marketing strategy can be highly effective for establishing your brand’s identity and connect with your customers in a personal manner. It is important that the videos you post on your site are well-designed and expertly executed. Quality video marketing does not have to break your business’ budget either. At Lucid Prints, your South Florida videography specialists, we believe in providing quality work at an affordable price.

Videos are often more easily assimilated than text, making it an effective form of communication with your clients. Video can also allow for more creativity and flexibility than text or images alone, providing a unique outlook for connecting with your customers on a different level. Our South Florida videography specialists can help your business and brand grow through well-crafted, effective videos.

There are many benefits of video marketing:

  • Video is easily searchable

    Videos are easy to search and find; in fact, 70% of the top 100 search listings on Google are video results. Videos posted on social media sites can also affect organic Google search results and can serve as an entry point to your site.

  • Social media sharing

    Want to hear a striking statistic? More than 500 years’ worth of YouTube videos are watched daily on Facebook. Video sharing is a huge part of social media, and videos are a great way to connect with user and reach potential clients.

  • Emotional benefits

    Video provides the opportunity to utilize sight and sound to connect with your viewers via storytelling. Video not only entertains your viewers, but also evokes certain emotions that connect their brain and heart with your products and services.

  • Video helps SEO

    Google, Bing, and Yahoo! have made video an important factor in their search algorithms. Posting videos on your website can help bump your organic rankings.

  • Customers watch more videos

    YouTube is the second largest search engine right after Google. 78% of people watch at least one YouTube video each week, and 55% of people watch YouTube videos every day.

  • Video is mobile

    Online video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic, and 30 sec mobile videos ads have an 88.3 completion rate.

Videos have the potential to transmit a lot of information in a short duration, and can communicate in ways that other marketing tools cannot. Given the many benefits of utilizing video in your marketing strategy, we encourage you to contact us to discuss the various options for videography, video editing, and commercials. Contact Lucid Prints today for a consultation and free quote, and let us help you establish your brand’s identity and promote your business through video marketing.