Mobile-Friendly Design

Given the ever-increasing mobile world, it is essential that all aspects of your website are mobile-friendly and have a responsive web design. Lucid Prints specializes in both creating or adjusting websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly. In April 2015, Google altered its algorithm in a manner that directly affects websites that are not properly configured for mobile devices. These changes are beneficial for mobile-friendly websites in that they receive boosts in Google’s organic mobile search engine results. But for sites not properly configured for mobile devices, the algorithm changes may result in lower organic search rankings. Although this will solely affect Google searches conducted on mobile devices, because the majority of searches utilize Google, it is important to take note of these changes.

It is essential that your website is properly configured for mobile devices, and fortunately, Lucid Prints specializes in doing so.

Over the past several years, there have been large increases in the amount of users conducting searches from their mobile devices. Websites that are not mobile-friendly are challenging to view and interact with on a mobile device. Given this, Google’s recent changes are attempting to sort through the sites that are not mobile-friendly and penalize them. Optimizing your site for a mobile device will not only improve your organic Google search ranking, but it will also ensure that your site is more successful in the ever-increasing mobile-friendly world by ensuring a positive experience for the user.

Mobile devices are projected to account for 79% of global internet use by the end of 2018.

At Lucid Prints we take into consideration which of these approaches is most appropriate for your site and then go from there. It is important for your mobile site to have the same theme, colors, and images as your desktop site so that your users are certain that they are on the correct website. Our expert design team at Lucid Prints makes sure to take all of these considerations into account in order to deliver you the best possible responsive web design.