Website Performance Optimization

Website performance optimization is a crucial aspect of web design, but what exactly is it? Web optimization is dedicated to increasing the speed in which websites are downloaded and displayed on a user’s browser. As the average Internet speed increases globally, it is important for designers to consider how long their websites take to download for the user. At Lucid Prints, we work tirelessly to trim down every byte of data so that your website has the best possible load time for the user.

How important is website performance optimization?

Faster web download speeds have been shown to increase user satisfaction and visitor retention and loyalty. Thus, Lucid Prints believes that performance optimization is essential for your website. There are certain aspects of a web page that can affect the load time: image optimization, browser/server cache, and encryption (i.e. SSL). By utilizing techniques such as a light weight design of layer components, multi-layered cache, and communication with server-side components, Lucid Prints can improve your site’s load time and how long it takes for pages to render for the user. Optimizing content efficiency is essential for keeping users on your website. Lucid Prints believes in optimizing each and every byte of data to ensure a quick load time for your users. By eliminating unnecessary data, image and webfont optimization, HTTP caching, and optimizing encoding and transfer size of text-based assets, we ensure that your important content is delivered to your users as quickly as possible.

Website performance optimization is an integral component to web design.

Users definitely notice if a web page or app isn’t running well, so website performance optimization is essential. To keep users interested and returning to your page, it is important that your site is optimized properly so that the load time is minimum. Lucid Prints handles every aspect of your website’s design and maintenance, and web performance optimization is just one of these aspects.