Website Security & Management

Websites are prone to security risks, but fortunately, Lucid Prints can help you with website security and backend management. Your web server and the site it hosts present the highest security risks. How does this whole security business work? Web servers open a window between your network and the world. By utilizing web server maintenance, web application updates, and appropriate site coding, we can limit the amount of information that passes through your server and thus decrease the amount of security risk. It’s not always easy to do so, but the web design work we do at Lucid Prints ensures the least amount of security risk for your website.

Website security and backend management are two of the most important aspects of web design.

It is essential that you trust the people handling your web security. At Lucid Prints, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible web security for your site and server. Our team at Lucid Prints will set up your network with tight permissions, ensure that your coding is up to the highest standards, and update your web server and applications. It is well known that poorly written software causes security breaches. There is no one setting or application that sets your security hurdle at the proper level. In fact, there are hundreds of settings, applications, codes, and ports on a server that contributes to the site’s security level. It can be overwhelming, especially if you do not have a background in web design and security. Fortunately, our team at Lucid Prints is well-versed in website security and backend management. What is backend management? In the software world, the terms “front end” and “back end” refer to the presentation layer and the data access layer, respectively. The back end refers to the code that resides on the server, launching the interface for the user on the front end. Backend management includes backing up all of the data on the server and keeping everything clean and user-friendly for the user on the front end. Backend developers focus on managing the exchange of data between the browser and the application, ensuring that your site is working smoothly. Backend management is essential for an effective, user-friendly, secure website.

Ensuring that your website is secure and working properly is essential.
At Lucid Prints, we design, create, and manage your website every step of the way. Our work does not stop simply after creating your website and after it goes live; rather, to ensure the utmost security for your site, we must make sure that your site’s security patches, applications, and code are updated as frequently as they need to be. We promise you a stress-free process with rewarding results that you can feel confident in. Let us help secure your website and manage all of the important details that keep your site working properly and efficiently, so that you can continue to focus on establishing and growing your business. Contact us today for a consultation and free quote regarding your website security and backend management.