Analytics & Strategy

From the initial web design to after the site goes live, Lucid Prints is here with you every step of the way. Web analytics, the measurement, collection, and analysis of web data for the purpose of understanding and optimizing web pages, is an important aspect of web design. Simply put, analytics help assess and improve the efficacy of a website. Even after your website goes live, our work at Lucid Prints does not end. We believe in following through with analytics to ensure that your website performs to its highest potential.

Web analytics not only measure site traffic, but are also used as a tool for market research. This data tells you how many visitors are on your site, how long they stay on your web page (the bounce rate), and the various trends for who is visiting your site. There are two main types of analytics: off-site and on-site.

  • Off-site

    Measures a website’s potential audience (opportunity), engagement (comments and shares), and share of voice (visibility) that is taking place on the internet as a whole.

  • On-site

    Measures a visitor’s behavior once they are on your website. These analyses include drivers and conversions (e.g the degree to which a certain landing page is associated with online purchases).

Web analytics provide valuable data for the many different components of a web page. For example, they can tell you which keywords are being searched for the most and what type of audience is searching for these keywords. This data allows you to make adjustments to the type of content on your site and who your targeted audience is. At Lucid Prints, we understand and value the important relationship between analytics and the success of a website. Effective web analytics can be complex, so let our experts manage your analytics to ensure that your website remains effective and continues to reach your target audience.