Email Marketing

Email marketing is, as it sounds, directly marketing a message to current and potential customers via email. Email marketing is not only for requesting business, sending ads, or soliciting sales and donations, but is also utilized to build loyalty, trust, and brand awareness. In its broadest sense, email marketing refers to sending emails with the purpose of improving the relationship between a business and its current or previous customers. Email marketing encourages customer loyalty, repeat business, acquiring new customers, or convincing a current customer to purchase a product or service immediately. Lucid Prints can help you with all of your email marketing needs, meaning less stress and work for you, our client.

What are the two types of email marketing?

There are two major components to email marketing: transactional emails and direct emails. The primary purpose of a transactional email is to convey information regarding the action that triggered it (i.e. purchase confirmation, password reset, order status emails, order receipts). Because transactional emails have a higher open rate than typical newsletter emails (51.3% versus 36.6%, respectively), transactional emails provide a great opportunity for engaging customers. Direct email refers to sending an email solely to communicate a promotional message, i.e. a special offer or a catalog of products. Businesses typically collect a list of email addresses, but they can also rent a list of emails from service companies. Lucid Prints can help you with both types of email marketing — transactional and direct emails.

There are many benefits to email marketing:

  • Email marketing is significantly faster and cheaper than traditional mail marketing.
  • Email marketing is often reported as being second only to search engines as the most effective online marketing technique.
  • It can reach substantial amounts of email subscribers who opt in to receiving emails.
  • Compared to standard email, direct email marketing results in higher response rate and higher order value for ecommerce businesses.
  • Almost half of American Internet users check or send email on a typical day; emails that are sent between 1am and 5am outperform those sent at other times of the day.

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