Aerial Photography

Lucid Prints is your South Florida aerial photography specialists. Aerial photography is the art of taking photographs of the ground from an elevated position. Aerial photography platforms can include aircrafts, helicopters, drones, blimps, vehicle-mounted poles, etc. Aerial photography is not only really exciting, but is also very useful in construction, contracting, land development, cartography, home remodeling, archaeology, and movie production. Lucid Prints is dedicated to taking care of your aerial photography needs.

There are many different components to aerial photography including scale, overlap, stereoscopic coverage, fiducial marks, and focal length. Well-done aerial photographs can add much depth and professionalism to your website, especially in particular industries. Lucid Prints believes in staying up-to-date on the various design and art trends, and aerial photography is just one of the up and coming photography trends. While it has been around for hundreds of years, technological improvements have made aerial photography into an even more exciting form of photography.

There are several types of aerial photography:

  • Oblique

    Photographs taken at an angle. They can be taken from a low angle earth surface–aircraft (low oblique) or a high angle (steep oblique).

  • Vertical

    Vertical photographs are taken straight down. Mainly used in photogrammetry and image interpretation.

  • Combinations

    Aerial photographs are often combined, i.e. panoramas or pictometry.

  • Orthophotos

    Also known as orthophotomaps — photos are geometrically corrected and transformed into a map.

Whether you are looking simply for beautiful, high-quality aerial photographs of landscapes or nature, or are utilizing aerial photography for an industry like archaeology or environmental science, Lucid Prints, your South Florida aerial photography specialists, is here to take care of all your photography needs. Our team at Lucid Prints is dedicated to providing the utmost quality care and rewarding results. We combine our experience with your specific needs to create the finished product you have been searching for. We believe in making this creative process as easy and stress-free as possible for you, our client.